Hello, world!

I did it! I finally got around to doing that thing I’d been wanting to do for years but could never a) be bothered and b) never really had the know-how to do until now. But here we are, after a few long nights staring at Photoshop through bloodshot eyes and the headache that is creating a WordPress skin I present to you a very rough v1.0 of the Warcraft Workshop!

I remember stumbling across a blog back in 2005 which followed the adventures of a Dwarf Warrior from his humble beginnings in Dun Morogh all the way through to clearing Naxxramas with his guild. Sadly, I’ve long forgotten the name and I doubt it even still exists but I thought that being able to document that whole process was awesome, I’ve lost countless screenshots on old hard drives over the years but now I have a place to share them all with the world!

With Classic just around the corner I figured this was the perfect time to get the ball rolling. I’ll be documenting my character’s progression right the way through from launch day to level 60 and beyond (with plenty of screenshots and stories to boot).

Whilst my focus will undoubtably be Classic, I do still get sucked back into Battle for Azeroth from time to time in the hopes that things are improving. I’ve not yet had chance to check out the new Rize of Azshara patch so that could be a good candidate for a first (real) post, stay tuned!

Oh and before I forget, big thanks to teebling and Syturio over at Barrens Chat for the background image and various in-game graphic assets and icons I’ve used in the design.

Tom :]