Zep’s journey: 1 – 22

I’d hoped to make a post before now but I’ve been super busy, this is the first chance I’ve had between work and cramming as much time into Classic as possible (without catching gf aggro).

Week one has been a blast! Granted, the queue drama on the first few days was no fun but making the decision to switch from Shazzrah to Dreadmist really paid off, the community is great and I even joined a guild that has been reformed from my old Vanilla server (Evil Eye, formerly of Bloodscalp).

As per my previous post, Deathknell was insanely overpopulated in the first few hours after the server went up so I decided to leave it a day and see if it was any better the following evening.

I don’t even think this many people were buried down here.

Once I’d installed Questie and set up a playlist I was on my way. Deathknell took much longer than expected and I ended up grinding out most of level 1 – 6 because trying to tag quest mobs was near impossible with the sheer number of people around. To all you #nochanges folk, imagine how much of a shitshow this would’ve been without layering!

After crawling my way to level 6 I set out to Brill which was a lot more bearable, people were a little more spread out and it was actually useful to be able to form groups for the harder quests (I’m looking at you; The Family Crypt).

But it wasn’t long before I had the misfortune to wander too close to the Scarlet Monastery and I’m proud to say that my first death in the game was at least somewhat memorable!

Not even mad.

The good thing about Brill is there are a couple of quests that send you to Undercity early on, which was a perfect opportunity to learn some professions. I opted for Skinning and Tailoring for now, the plan is to eventually drop Skinning for Enchanting after I’ve farmed my epic mount.

At level 12 I had to make the call between Silverpine Forest or the Barrens. One would be the easier and less crowded route but the other would have more Chuck Norris jokes. The choice was obvious:

Macros at the ready!

I fucking love the Barrens, man. There’s just something about that zone that captures old school World of Warcraft more than anywhere else. It’s probably because of the sheer number of failed characters that I made back in Vanilla that never quite made it past level 20 but it just feels like home.

That’s not to say it’s perfect, there’s more than a few quests that had me running back to the exact same area to kill a slightly different variation of the same mob I’d just killed for a cloth reward with plus to strength but it’s cool, that’s part of the experience I suppose.

To speed things up a little I decided to run a few dungeons with some guildies. Ragefire Chasm wasn’t much of a challenge but there were a few pulls in Wailing Caverns that nearly had us. It’s such a nice change of pace from Retail where you can pull half a dungeon in one go, we actually had to mark packs of mobs and use our CC effectively. We also forgot that Verdan the Everliving hits like a truck, our tank died and it was left to just me and the healer to kite him and finish him off but we somehow managed it!

Frostbolt, Frostbolt, Frostbolt, Frostbolt, Frostbolt and Frostbolt.

So after 23 hours played I’m sitting at level 22, I’m sure this is abysmally slow compared to some others but I’ve enjoyed every second!

I’ll wrap this up with a beautiful sunset I managed to capture on my way to Thunderbluff for the first time:

Tom :]

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